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Aussie Power Solutions is a well established specialist in LIGHTNING AND SRUGE PROTECTION SYSTEMS AND TURNKEY SOLUTIONS.
We endeavor to supply turnkey solutions, which are both technically and economically effective. We are always looking at ways to improve both our product and service. By accomplishing this, we can keep our cost low and therefore our price to our customers low while keeping our high standard of customer service.
APS designs and supplies LDU lightning and surge protection systems for the Northern Territory, Darwin.  Aussie Power Solutions and LDU design, manufacture and supply  the best lightning protection solutions at affordable prices.

Our quality systems consist of:

  • Lightning Protection Systems

  • Surge Protection Systems

  • Lightning Rods & Lightning Conductors

  • Earthing Systems and Grounding Products

  • Surge Protector and Surge Arrestor Protection Devices
  • TVSS and Data Protection
  • Power Conditioners, and
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply Equipment

APS/LDUrepresent INDELEC one of the first FRENCH MANUFACTURER of the Lightning Protection equipment and system. INDELEC’s reputation in the field of lightning protection dates back more than fifty years. Leading world manufacturer of Early Streamer Emission air terminals.

We extended our research capacity with incorporating our consultancy arm. APS and LDU consultancy can help you with the following:

  • Risk assessments for any structure or application
  • Designing unique lightning protector systems
  • Advising on surge protectors
  • Consultation on earthing equipment/ground solutions
  • Power conditioner information


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Prevectron Terminals

A lightning protection system utilising the prevectron terminal complies with 9 international national standards and is widely used in Australia and the south Pacific region. Full range of Prevectrons offering protection radius from 65 meter to 107 meter Level IV. Most models are also available with a self testing system.