The PIVO transformer is specifically engineered for each site in accordance with the voltage supply and energy consumption. The 3 phase transformer will regulate the voltage input as per the electrical equipment requirements and provide power monitoring through data logging for all power supply parameters.  A VO transformer assists in reducing voltage harmonics and phase imbalances for the site and is specifically engineered to improve power quality  to get your site to running at its most efficient. The PIVO Transformer system has many benefits for the site and the environment:

• Reduce energy usage (kWh)
• Reduce Carbon Footprint
• Reduce maximum demand (kVA)
• Reduce levels of voltage harmonics

And creating:

• Improvement in power factor
• Improvement in power quality
• Improvement in operation of electrical equipment
• Improvement in lifetime of electrical equipment

PIVO Features
  • Under Voltage Controller (UVC). The UVC ensures that any unprecedented voltage dips or drops at the site are not further reduced by the VO transformer. This guarantees that the site functions exactly as it did before installation of the VO transformer in terms of possible under voltage problems.
  • User Control Interface (UCI). The UCI allows recording of the monitored data (voltage, current, energy usage etc) and downloading of this data for analysis of the site. This allows additional savings to be achieved by monitoring and targeting (M&T).
  • Bypass Switches. In the unlikely event of the VO transformer failing, security of supply can be improved by installing the Voltage Optimisation transformer with one of the following bypass switches: a) Break Before Make Bypass - This would cause interruption to the supply; b) Make Before Break Bypass - A more expensive option that allows bypass without any interruption to the power supply.These bypass switches allow the transformer to be taken out of circuit for maintenance or to operate the site in its pre-voltage optimisation state.
  • Main Switch. In certain circumstances the installation may require the installation of a new main switch (ACB or MCCB).  This is in accordance with AS3000 regulations requiring a suitably rated protection device to protect the VO transformer and the site.
  • Outdoor Cabinet. When the VO transformer is to be installed outside a suitable outdoor enclosure will be included. The additional cost will be determined by the IP rating requirement of the environment in which the unit is to be installed.
  • Harmonic Mitigation. At sites that suffer from high levels of harmonics in excess of the voltage and current harmonic distortion limit, specified in the standard IEC 61000-3.7.  In which case, we recommend a site specific solution for all sites. Aussie Power Solutions  can assist with this process as outlined in the Power Quality section
  • Power Factor Correction. The design of the VO transformer ensures that there is an improvement in power factor at the site.  However, if the site suffers from poor power factor before the installation of the VO then additional power factor correction (PFC) equipment can be included to ensure that the desired power factor is achieved.

The PIVO system literally offers case by case voltage optimisation (VO) and can be potentially installed within every building throughout Australia. To find out the potential energy efficiency savings available at your site, simply contact us for a FREE EVALUATION.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements in details.  We offer you the following site evaluation process:

1. We discuss your site together with a general consultation.

2. A voltage logger is simply and easily installed at a power point for 10 days.  This establishes the level of voltage optimisation available at the site.

3. We review the following site data:

a. 12 month electricity bills.  A minimum of one is required to establish the tariff and 12 to establish the maximum demand over the 12 month period; or
b. 12 months half-hour data (if available);
c. Approximate details of the site load.

Note: The electricity bills and half-hourly data provide the load profile and maximum demand of the site so that no additional monitoring is required for a guaranteed savings quote. If the site suffers from other power quality issues such as high levels of harmonics or poor power factor then an additional power quality survey should be conducted and this is assessed on a site by site basis.

4. An “expected savings” proposal is generated, which outlines:

a. Capital and instalment costs;
b. Savings in kWh and $’s;
c. Your ROI;
d. CO2 emission savings;
e. Pay-back period

Once our proposal meets your requirements, we perform a comprehensive site survey and provide a formal quote outlining guaranteed savings and installation costs. Variations of this process apply to suit the individual requirements and circumstances of each client.

Save power, Save on your electricity bill and Reduce your carbon footprint!
PIVO Transformer Reduces energy costs by average 12 to 16%.

PIVO Transformer offers Voltage Optimisation (VO) solutions creating optimal Power Savings. At Aussie Power Solutions and Power Intelligence,we design and manufacture PIVO Transformers in Australia for the Australian Environment. Our customers all benefit from energy efficiency, uncompromised power supply and guaranteed power savings all day every day.



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